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Just In - HKP9S 9mm extended barrels.
5.5", unthreaded.  Close out sale.

Only $365.00


HKOberndorf Original MP5K folding stock full shot.JPG (21815 bytes)         HK Oberndorf orig MP5K folding stock detail.JPG (28936 bytes)
HK MP5K sidefolding stock

Ruling in from ATF Regarding Folding Stock Pistols
Link here for letter in PDF Format


       These are Oberndorf original with the Oberndorf endcap w/the integral sling swivel but stocks are marked "Choate" not HK. Having the original Oberndorf endcap means you do not need the plastic adaptor to mount on MP5k or SP89 (NOTE: before possessing this stock and a SP89, SP89 must be registered as a "Short Barreled Rifle" with ATF. Stock must also be pinned. Please see ATF ruling in letter above). Only a few remaining and there will be no more.


IMPULS IIA Dummy Suppressors
dummy1.jpg (35179 bytes)
I have manufactured a few IMPULS IIA Dummy Suppressors.
They disassemble into 4 pieces.  The Dummy recoil booster body,
capture ring and tail piece were left in a mill finish for photographic
purposes only.  The finish product as delivered is completely black
oxide except for the tail piece that threads onto the barrel.  That piece
will remain in a white, mill finish.  The suppressor body is 6062 T-6 aluminum
and the recoil booster body, capture ring and tail piece are 316 stainless,
identical to the real McCoy!.........$199.00
None of the dummy pieces will interchange with the real suppressor.
In the photo below, the "real" suppressor is on top and the "dummy" is on the bottom.
dummy2.jpg (27596 bytes)


MK23 with dummy suppressor.JPG (29749 bytes)

View ATF Legal Ruling on
Dummy Suppressor Below

Page 1
Page 2

    This unit is externally an exact replica clone of the real suppressor issued to USSOCOM units. Machined from a billet of solid aluminum it makes an excellent display unit and fills that empty pouch in your pistol case. Bored for a bullet pass thru opening (in case somebody down the road mistakes for a real unit and drops a round in the pistol and fires it, he/she won't find themselves holding, effectively, a hand grenade.  If pistol is fired with this unit mounted, the pistol's slide will not cycle because of it's weight (see recoil booster section under CCF / Swiss Inc tab). Side by side with the real suppressor, your eye will tell you this is the real unit as it has a higher quality production finish. ATF ruling letter
on file ruling this a threaded barrel extension.       $149.00

USP TACTICAL 45 DUMMY SUPPRESSOR - identical unit to abovel, only threaded left hand. While there is no suppressor adopted by a US special forces group for the Tactical 45 pistol, (the German Army's KSK anti-terrorism division has adopted the Brugger & Thomet - CCF / Swiss Inc suppressor with the Tactical 45 giving them the designation "P12"), we had so many requests for a dummy suppressor for the Tactical 45, we had the MK23 DUMMY SUPPRESSOR manufactured with a left hand thread for you Tactical 45 owners.          $149.00


hk tACTICAL 45 With VORTEX  Flash Suppressor.JPG (26619 bytes)    Tact 45 & MK23 flash supp & thread protector closeup.JPG (17041 bytes)


    Vortex style unit, Note end view (above right). Prongs have an asymetrical shape similiar to an airplane wing. Creates a turbulence that serves to bleed expasion gases down. If you've never fired a .45 at night you're in for a surprise. The powder in a 45 is so slow burning, normal ammo shows a four foot flame or flash. With this flash suppressor, flash is less than 12" (flash reduction measured with a lumens meter is 80%, flash reduction measured with a thermal (heat sensing camera) is a little over 50%. Tactical advantage at night alone is obvious. These units have been real popular. One additional unexpected benefit - muzzle jump drops by 50%. A double tap on the target becomes a non-event! Weight is 2.2 ounces, length is 2.062", constructed of 4140 ordnance steel - This unit looks like it was born on the gun. Get it, screw it on and then take it off. If your pistol doesn't look naked without it, sent back for a full refund. Only condition on the refund - no plier marks and it doesn't look like you used it for retrieval training with your puppy. Over 1,800 sold and only 2 or three customers have returned theirs!!  THIS IS A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR THE SHOOTER AND THE COLLECTOR  $98.00

For the HK MK23, HK Tactical 45, HK USP 9SD,
and "Tactical Hk 40", and SIG P220


We did a short run of our flash vortex accurizer in titanium - only reason for the titanium was to bring the cycle time closer to the pistol's original cycle rate without a flash. Had received some requests from timed event competitors that liked the flash for accuracy enhancement and muzzle flip reduction, but were critical on second shot time. Before you go into the sunset with panic in your heart about your existing steel flash suppressor, bear in mind these are users that a 1/10th of a second feels like a lifetime.

I had not timed the cycle rate with and without the flash and without renting a high-speed camera, thought I would try another method - went to the range and observed a Tactical 45 firing with and without the steel flash suppressor.  Without the flash, using Winchester USA brand 230-ball ammo, brass ejected about 6 - 8 feet (varied about 2 feet). With the steel flash on, brass would eject 3 - 4.5 feet out.

While I don't think there is a straight (1:1) correlation between ejection energy and time to cycle, it's probably pretty close. We then made a titanium flash and ejection distance was back up to 6 -7 feet on the Tactical 45.

So for those folks looking for fastest time to 2nd shot, this is it!

The Titanium has the exact same prong configuration, size, length etc as the steel flash / vortex accurizer.

One difference, the finish is a dark gunpowder gray instead of black & the 2nd difference, the steel flash weights 2.16 oz and the titanium weights in at 1.1 oz, so about 50 percent lighter.

For the USP 9MM SD the titanium flash will be the only way to go, as the 9mm is anemic on recoil energy, especially with the lighter slugs.

Price on the Titanium flash for any of the above pistols is $149 and will try to get photos up after we return from the shot show.

Please Read Below!!!

   We recently learned the vortex flash suppressor tightens the groups on both the MK23 and the Tactical 45 by 30 - 35%. I know that may sound far fetched and it is a benefit we were not expecting but all last year we were getting calls from customers that had purchased one for either their MK23 or Tactical 45 telling us that the flash suppressor had tightened their groups. It was definitely nice to hear but when we heard from two different nationally ranked IPSC shooters, we decided to investigate. Brought in a ransom rest and fired some groups at both the 15 and 25 yard lines with and without the flash suppressor. Our customers' reports were definitely confirmed. We were still real curious though and so we called Ron Smith as he owns the patent on the original Vortex flash suppressor and asked him if he had ever experienced any accuracy enhancement with the vortex - his response really shed a good deal of light and actually suprised us - basically Ron indicated that they saw groups tighten up as much as 50%, especially with the .223 - watch a slow motion video of a bullet leaving a barrel and you will notice for the first couple of inches out a barrel, the expansion gases actually speed forward past the bullet. They surmised that either one or both of the following two scenarios were taking place - 1st, expansion gases were creating dirty air ahead of the bullet or 2nd, as the expansion gases break past the rear edge of the bullet's base, they torque the bullet and give it a yaw. When you have vortex flash suppressor on the barrel, while the bullet is in the flash suppressor, the expansion gases are channeled off where they can't torque the bullet and by the time the bullet has exited the flash suppressor, whatever expansion gas remains behind the bullet has lost most of its energy (gas having very little mass dissipates its energy quickly). If you're looking to print 1" groups at 25yds with your Tactical 45 then this is the ticket. As always, the flash suppressors have a FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - IF IT DOESN'T PERFORM, as long as you haven't used it for retrieval traning with your bird dog or scratched it, simply return for a refund.

USP TACTICAL .45 FLASH SUPPRESSOR - identical unit but with left hand threads.    $98.00



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