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CCF Suppressor Coolant
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In working with a chemical engineer, we found a heat absorbing liquid that actually works better than water as a coolant - if you have a hard time believing this, I wasn't ready to either. By itself, our new coolant increases the can's efficiency - (the can is quieter) - by 3+ db. But it also has some other interesting benefits.


1) 3dB+ quieter than water when used as water and injected or introduced into a suppressor. As dB are logarithmic, the noise or sound energy reduction represented by 3 dB is approximately 25%.

2) Water, as a coolant, generally lasts for 8 - 12 shots before the subject suppressor has to be replenished. Our CCF Suppressor Coolant™, is unaffected by heat or pressure, has a "clinging" quality, and actually resists migrating out of the can with the gas pressure pulse like water does. Dependent on the pressure characteristics of your can, it actually lasts 70 - 100 shots before needing replenishment or recharging.

3) Our CCF Suppressor Coolant™, as it does not burn, does not carbonize, or smoke, which means no marker signal to identify a shooter's location, which is an important feature for a tactical (military or law enforcement) user.

4) Our CCF Suppressor Coolant™ has a "release" agent to prevent carbon particles from sticking to, baking to or attaching to the rear side of the baffles in a user's suppressor. That build up of carbon on the baffles inhibits (or insulates) baffles from accepting heat and thus robbing them of some of the efficiency of their design. Our coolant actually makes the suppressor extremely easy to clean, with Naptha, MEK or mineral spirits. Powder fowling /carbon particles in the can just flush out.

5) Our CCF Suppressor Coolant™ does not evaporate or dry out. - a user can charge his suppressor with our coolant 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years prior to use and the coolant material will still be in his suppressor, ready for use without any loss of efficiency or duration. For those concerned about the "corrosive" effects of water in an aluminum or stainless can, our coolant is not H2O based. The CCF Suppressor Coolant™ serves as a corrosion preventative, if the user stores their can charged with our coolant. Due to never drying out, a user can now charge his can right after cleaning and before he puts it away.

We have this new coolant loaded in eight ounce plastic bottles to make it convenient to charge your suppressor.

We also just recently completed development of the rifle grade suppressor coolant. Dependent on the caliber duration will be anywhere from 5 - 30 shots.  Also supplied in a 8 oz bottle, and priced at $24.95.

"CCF Suppressor Coolant" is a Registered Trademark of CCF / Capital City Firearms.

We do not recommend our suppressor coolant for use in .223 rifle suppressors because of the extreme temperatures upwards of the 4500 to 5000 degree range.  We are not aware of any liquid that will not react to this type of environment.

We've come out with a new recoil booster grease that is phenomenal.

Most recoil booster assisted suppressors employ ported pistons. That porting allows flash (or flame) into the recoil booster chamber which cooks the grease, baking or carbonizing it to the recoil booster body's wall. That heat & pressure also causes some of the grease to migrate forward onto the backside of the baffles, carbonizing onto those baffles robbing a little heat transfer efficiency and decreasing that suppressor's efficiency (in heated state most greases lose viscosity and then flow more easily being pushed forward by expansion gas pressure).

I had gone through about 6-7 synthetic greases that the respective manufacturers had indicated would not carbonize. Well, I have seen too many suppressors where the baffles have been caked with carbon & the inside of the recoil booster looking like the back side of a 1970s car engine exhaust valve (back when we used leaded gas) with built up carbon caked to the walls.

Ended up visiting the R&D labs of two major chemical manufacturing facilities here in Richmond to show their engineers our recoil booster and finally have a grease that is incredible.

Where other greases would last maybe 50 - 75 shots before being cooked or blown out of the booster body, this stuff does not migrate and definitely does not burn, cook or carbonize at the temps it is exposed to in a suppressor. That has it's obvious advantages - no carbon baking onto the booster wall, it's easier to clean and piston life goes way up. But no grease carbonizing to the baffle surfaces mean they don't lose efficiency.

After 490 rounds thru one can that I had just lubricated with the new grease, the booster body wall was still coated, albeit under a coating of carbon particles from the powder residue, but the grease had not migrated forward - it shows total imperviousness to the heat environment and pressure in a silencer.

And interestingly - all that is required to clean is hitting it with some MEK. This grease literally seems to vaporize at the sight of MEK - not quite but hopefully you get the idea. It really melts down fast and out it comes with all the powder residue that accumulated and no carbonization on the baffles, none, nada, zilch.



If your results don't agree with either description above, just send them back. Please don't send back an empty can or tube and expect a refund. You'll know the first time you use the new coolant whether the claims are accurate and the same with the grease. But if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund the entire purchase invoice.

CCF Recoil Booster grease Item #00CCF-24 - 5.3 ounce tube $11.95
CCF Pistol Suppressor Coolant® oil Item #00CCF-25 - 8 ounce bottle with flip nozzle. $21.95
Item #00CCF-25A - 16 oz bottle $34.95 ($8.95 savings vs two 8 oz bottles)
CCF RIFLE GRADE Suppressor Coolant® oil Item #00CCF-26 - 8 ounce bottle with flip nozzle. $24.95
Item #00CCF-26A - 16 oz bottle $40.95 ($8.95 savngs vs two 8 oz bottles)

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