Glock Products

22 LR conversion kits for the Glock 17/17C,
18, 19, 22/22C, 24/24C, 31/31C, 34, & 35,
models as pictured below.

Before you run off into the sunset with terror in your heart over the price, these are custom made in Germany by the firm that developed them and are typical German traditional quality and function flawlessly. We were only able to obtain a few, so if you want to practice / plink in 22 LR here's your chance - we don't know if or how many more we'll be able to get. $475.00 Close out pricing!


Glock 18 Folding Stock


We have been informed that BATF has decided to apply the post ban assault rifle definition to the folding stock & glock pistol combination and that even though registered as a SBR and ATF accepting that SBR registration, it has become a "newly manufactured" or created rifle and therefore a postban manufactured assault rifle. Their logic is such because it   possesses one feature more than the allowable two assault rifle features:

1) A folding stock

2) A protruding pistol grip

3) The ability to accept large capacity detachable magazines

We are in discussion with ATF regarding a possible exemption for our
customers but right now we want to advise you possession of a
post ban assault rifle is legal only for FFLs and law enforcement agencies.
Civilian possession of a post ban mfgr'd assault rifle is a felony.
To remain legal at this point, the stock has to be pinned in the open position.

Here is link to ATF's Response in PDF format-
New 02-21-01

Here is another response from the ATF! Read Both!

    Made for the Glock 18 Machine pistol, will also mount the Glock 17, 19, 20, 21& 22. The stability this gives the sight picture is incredible. We had a kid here that couldn’t hit a small car at twenty paces. With this stock, he was punching cantaloupes at 50 - 60 yards regularly. If you have never fired a shoulder mounted pistol before, you won’t believe the range extension (accuracy wise) a shoulder stock gives a pistol. Your pistol is instantly converted into a short range (75 -100 yd) carbine. Excellent for patrol officers to carry in their vehicle - no political liability if stolen and no additional training for individual officer on a new weapon. These are the highest quality construction units available - constructed of 7075-T6. These units have been supplied to Austrian Federal Police, Germany and Switzerland (as described in recent article in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement article regarding the soon to be released Glock 21 Special Operations pistol).            

Price $210.00

(Note - when possessed with a Glock 17, 19 or any other pistol, that pistol must be registered with ATF as a "Short Barreled Rifle" first - NFA Rules Apply.  See note above).

Glock Mag Adapter

Just In!!! - these are the perfect ticket for the Glock 18 or for use with the folding shoulder stock - gives the user the grip posture necessary for the ultimate sight stability. Even on the non stock mounted pistols, the additional weight reduces muzzle jump tremendously for quicker second shot target acquisition. Great for that Glock you've got hidden for security - spare mag stores with the pistol and you can't forget the spare mag in a high stress situation - spare mag not included .    

Not Currently Available!

NFA Rules Apply
While this component by itself does not constitute an NFA item, the insertion of a magazine into the mag well adaptor when used on a semi-auto glock pistol requires the pistol be first registered with ATF as an AOW.

We have extended barrels coming in for all Glock pistols.  More info soon!