Interesting Items

When an F18 Hornet breaks the sound barrier in moisture heavy air, the clouds form and follow the aircraft until the aircraft's airspeed has significantly exceeded the sound barrier - kind of eeriy having that cloud hanging on your tail like that . Click on the picture to see an example of this by an F14 Tomcat. (Windows Media Player required - .wmv format)


IDEX '99 was held in the United Arab Emirates capitol of Abu Dhabi. IDEX is a series of demonstrations of live mobility, marine and amphibious demonstrations and live fire demonstrations from contractors around the world. There were 15 Countries participating in IDEX '99. As where no cameras are allowed at the live fire events, we think you will find the following photos very interesting. We smuggled them out for your enjoyment. Check back often, because we will be adding more photos on a regular basis. Click on the picture for IDEX photos from the event.


Ammunition Drum, Rotary 7.62mm. Click on picture for more photos.


Click above to check out this Article from the January
2004 issue of Small Arms Review about the building
of "Semiautomatic Assault Rifles" by LEO's.


Click above to visit ENGEL for their
Precision Subsonic & Match Ammunition


Documents to copy for shipping or
carrying firearms in luggage. Click above!