SIG Rare Rifles / Accessories


Download PDF File From BATF concerning these receivers here!

Just got these in and are brand spanking new, and came from semi-auto 551 LB rifles (the 551 LB is the Long Barreled Paratrooper model, which is what SIG imported here to the states in the late 80s as their 551 or paratrooper model).

Due to recent relaxation in ATF's position, they have been approved for sale for use in the repair or replacement of existing PREBAN receivers. That indication came directly from ATF's General Counsel's office and are legal for the above described use
Use of these receivers to assemble or fabricate a new firearm constitutes a federal felony violation - ATF does not have a sense of humor and loves easy convictions SO BE WISE.

These are ideal for those folks that wish to upgrade their 550 to 551 configuration with the parts set they purchased from us earlier and even have the correct model identification engraving on their reciever Note - recent recommendations indicate to not destroy your existing receiver as you will need it to prove your possession of a preban receiver but it is unclear if you are able to possess the two receivers together concurrently. I would suggest you verse yourself in ATF's position and at the very least not possess a parts rifle set and this receiver concurrently with an assembled preban rifle.

I didn't get that many folks, so this is one where if you snooze, you WILL lose Price: $1050


SIG 551 LB semi-auto parts rifles

These are new, original SIG in their original styrofoam blocks with cardboard slip covers, complete semi-auto rifles as shipped by SIG, minus the reciever and mags. The parts rifle set does include the following: complete bolt carrier & bolt assy with firing pin & extractor, barrel with gas block & sight assy with barrel changeout instructions (these rifles are less than six months old so the tritium in the front blade is still bright, note - front sight mount/gas block includes the bayonet lug), forearm set, gas tube with piston, folding stock, complete lower trigger carrier, and the rear sight diopter drum, owner's manual in english, mag loader, cleaning kit and sling $2495 Also have 1 (one) 551 LB Parts Set available with Black Furniture. $2575




We haven't had these for awhile - direct from the Swiss army arsenal - ARMOURER'S FIELD MAINTENANCE REPAIR KITS. These are for the Sig 550/551series rifle. Kit contains 34 small parts, every circlip, springs (Hammer spring & bipod spring included + six or seven other small springs), check ball or détente piston, every item either might break or that if you disassembled your rifle in the field, if dropped on the ground you would never find. These are assembled by the Swiss army using all original SIG parts, only got thirty kits so don't miss out. $121.95



JUST IN from SIG Switzerland:

HENSOLDT 6 X 42 BL Scopes

Absolutely new, as issued to the Swiss Army with quick detach mounts for the SG 550/551 - reticle are proprietary to SIG and the Swiss Army, have some black and some green - do't miss out on these - (scopes alone from SIG Neuhausen are $2450.00 with the mounts running approx $550.00) - Scope complete w/mount - $2250.00 - check back for the images to appear shortly.