Browning High Power

$49,000.00 US Funds.

Engraved by Mr. Ed Vos of Herstal, Belgium, one of the world's ten premier engravers. Mr. Vos has been the senior master engraver for FN Browning Europe since 1986 and his work has been featured in many of Browning's custom catalogs since1986. As Master Senior Engraver he has also been responsible for all engraving designs for Brownings.


Engraved Plates

Elephant, White Gold Inlay, $8,900.00
Ducks Landing in Marsh $8,800.00
Dog's Portrait, Banknote (Bulino) engraved $6,800.00
Bugling Elk, Gold Inlay, $8,800.00

Custom pieces such as these plates can be done from a customer's photograph - $50.00 cost for Mr Vos to execute a sketch of design to be engraved - perfect way for customer to memorialize that once in a lifetime bird dog, either on his shotgun or on a plate to be framed.